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Expense in Yulin Normal University

I. Tuitions Fees (In RMB)

Registration Fee

RMB 200

Textbooks Fees

According to the current price

Chinese Language


1-month Programs

RMB 2000/person

3-month Programs

RMB 3000/person

1-semester Programs

RMB 4000/person

2-semester Programs

RMB 8000/person

Bachelor Degree Programs

RMB 10000/year/person

II. Accommodation

Types of room

Room Facilities

Standard Charge

Four shares a flat

Color TV settelephone, shower, toilet, washing machine, interface of internet

(the fee of water, electricity and  gas is to be paid by users)

300 RMB/person/ month

2000 RMB / person/year

III. Food

There are 4 large dinning halls , supply all kinds of local food, The approximate fee for each person is about 10~20 yuan a day.

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